16 juin 2019

Israël en Égypte, HWV 54(G.F. Händel)
I. The Lamentation of the Israelites
    for the Death of Joseph

          1. Symphony
          2. The Sons of Israel do Mourn
          3. The Righteous Shall Be Had in Everlasting
          4. They Shall Receive a Glorious Kingdom
II. Exodus

          5. Now There Arose a New King over Egypt
          6. And the Children of Israel Sigh’d
          7. Then Sent He Moses, His Servant
          8. They Loathed to Drink of the River
          9. Their Land Brought Forth Frogs
        10. He Spake the Word
        11. He Gave Them Hailstones for Rain
        12. He Sent a Thick Darkness over All the Land
        13. He Smote All the First-Born of Egypt
        14. But as for His People
        15. Egypt Was Glad when They Departed
        16. He Rebuked the Red Sea
        17. And Israel Saw that Great Work that the Lord Did
        18. And Believed the Lord and His Servant Moses
III. Moses’ Song

        19. Moses and the Children of Israel
        20. He is My God
        21. The Depths Have Cover’d Them
        22. And in the Greatness of Thine
        23. And with the Blast of Thy Nostrils
        24. The People Shall Hear
        25. The Lord Shall Reign for Ever and Ever
        26. For the Horse of Pharaoh
        27. The Lord Shall Reign for Ever and Ever
        28. And Miriam the Prophetess
        29. Sing Ye to the Lord
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